grabs, grabbing, grabbed
1) VERB If you grab something, you take it or pick it up suddenly and roughly.

[V n] I managed to grab her hand...

[V n by/round n] I grabbed him by the neck.

2) VERB If you grab at something, you try to grab it.

[V at n] He was clumsily trying to grab at Alfred's arms.

N-COUNT: usu sing, N for/at n
Grab is also a noun.

I made a grab for the knife... Mr Penrose made a grab at his collar.

3) VERB If you grab someone who is walking past, you succeed in getting their attention. [INFORMAL]

[V n] Grab that waiter, Mary Ann.

4) VERB If you grab someone's attention, you do something in order to make them notice you.

[V n] I jumped on the wall to grab the attention of the crowd.

5) VERB If you grab something such as food, drink, or sleep, you manage to get some quickly. [INFORMAL]

[V n] Grab a beer.

6) VERB If you grab something such as a chance or opportunity, or grab at it, you take advantage of it eagerly.

[V n] She grabbed the chance of a job interview...

[V at n] He grabbed at the opportunity to buy his castle.

7) N-COUNT: usu sing, N for n A grab for something such as power or fame is an attempt to gain it.

...a grab for personal power.

8) grab holdsee hold
See also smash-and-grab
9) PHRASE: usu v-link PHR If something is up for grabs, it is available to anyone who is interested. [INFORMAL]

The famous Ritz hotel is up for grabs for ₤100m.

English dictionary. 2008.

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